West Sacramento Fire

The West Sacramento Fire Department has the mission of protecting life, environment, and property within the City of West Sacramento. To effectively complete this mission, the Department has located five fire stations throughout the City. The five fire stations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a combined staffing of 17 personnel on duty which includes a Battalion Chief to respond to all structure fires and other major emergencies providing Incident Command and Scene Management. Firefighters work 48-hour tours of duty. There are three work groups called "shifts." In addition to the City of West Sacramento, the Fire Department is responsible for the unincorporated area south of the city boundary to Babel Slough Road and across to the old Arcade Station on Jefferson Blvd. The Fire Department has Automatic Aid agreements with several Yolo County Fire Departments, and with the City of Sacramento Fire Department. The Fire Department has three divisions, which provide a wide range of services for the community. These divisions are: Fire Administration, Emergency Operations, and Fire Prevention/Hazardous Materials.

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